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Your central auditory processing disorder treatment plan takes place with the help of the following participants:


- Audiologists

- School staff members

- Parents

You will always receive the best treatment from our staff because each and every employee is licensed and certified.


Not only do they have the credentials you seek, but they also have the caring and nurturing personality that leads to optimal results.

Put your trust in our

expert staff

Who your collaboration is planned with

This particular disorder involves the presence of multiple activities:


- Difficulty listening

- Following directions

- Retaining information

- Discriminating sounds

Do you have a central auditory processing disorder?

When it comes to treating your communication disorder, you need to know that the techniques and service you are receiving are the best in the industry. The fact that we have been serving your community's needs for nearly three decades should prove that we know what we're doing.

28 years of experience

Take control of your central auditory processing disorder.