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As private practitioners in your community, you always have access to our outpatient offices. We pride ourselves at being able to meet the needs of our patients in a convenient and personal manner.


Receive the most personalized treatment possible because no two disorders are the same.

An augmentative communication disorder is the inability to use spoken language due to the following unfortunate barriers:


- Congenital disorders

- Brain injury

- Degenerative neurological disorders

- Stroke

Are you or a loved one unable

to speak?

Utilize the services of our

private practitioners

In order to help you achieve the best results possible, we utilize a very extensive hiring process. Each and every Speech and Language Rehabilitation Service, Ltd. staff member is certified and licensed.


Rely on a facility that that only employs the best of the best.

Employing only the best in

the industry

Augmentative communication disorder is only one of the many disorders that we diagnose and treat patients for. Count on us to tackle any and all communication disorders that you may possess.

Other communication disorders

Don't let your augmentative communication disorder control your life.