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Speech and Language Rehabilitation Service, Ltd. is composed of three full-time and two part-time speech-language pathologists. All have received their master's degrees in speech-language pathology and hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association.

Our professional staff has more than three decades of experience in evaluating and treating different communication or swallowing disorders in a variety of clinical areas. Our therapists have specialized in Early Intervention, pediatric swallowing problems, adult swallowing problems related to head and neck cancer, cleft palate, adult and pediatric voice, foreign accent reduction and augmentative communication

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Each of our speech-language pathologists is licensed to practice in the State of Illinois, holds a school services teaching certificate, Early Intervention provider and evaluator credentials. We have staff with specialty training in foreign accent reduction, the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment Program (LSVT) and the treatment of speech and swallowing related to head and neck cancer.


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