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The speech-language pathologists at Speech and Language Rehabilitation Service, Ltd. provide services to patients with a wide range of communication disorders. Following are brief descriptions of some of our specialty areas.


Early Intervention

All therapists at SLRS hold Illinois Early Intervention Specialist and Evaluator Certification and provide speech, language, and swallowing evaluation and treatment to children birth to three years of age. Our therapists have completed additional training in treating speech, language or swallowing disorders associated with cleft palate, hearing loss, apraxia and autism. These services can be provided in the child’s home environment, daycare setting or in our office.



Our staff provides evaluation and treatment to children and adolescents with speech (articulation, phonology, stuttering, apraxia), voice, language, and hearing disorders from acquired or genetic causes. Therapists with SLRS, Ltd., are experienced in working with speech and swallowing problems following cleft palate surgery. We are experienced in working with cochlear implants, as well as other types of amplification. Our staff recognizes the educational and social-emotional impact of communication and swallowing disorders on a child’s development. A comprehensive treatment plan includes collaboration with the family, school personnel and medical management teams.



SLRS, Ltd. provides evaluation and treatment to children and adults who are experiencing voice problems such as hoarseness, paradoxical vocal cord dysfunction, spasmodic dysphonia, or voice problems associated with Parkinson’s Disease. We are trained to help professional voice users such as singers, public speakers, teachers, athletic coaches, and ministers use and care for their voices effectively. To help in diagnosis and planning treatment, videostroboscopic evaluation is available by a team consisting of an otolaryngologist and speech-language pathologist.


Swallowing: "Dysphagia"

Dysphagia [dis-FAGE-uh] is a disorder of swallowing. It may occur as a result of surgery, stroke, degenerative neurological disease, trauma, or congenital disorders/abnormalities. The speech-language pathologists at SLRS, Ltd. provide evaluation and treatment to clients with dysphagia in collaboration with the client's physician and family.


Laryngectomy/Head and Neck Cancer

Specially trained speech-language pathologists can help individuals with head and neck cancer with evaluation, pre-treatment counseling and treatment for swallowing and speech throughout their cancer journey. For laryngectomy patients, speech-language pathologists at SLRS, Ltd. can help patients re-establish verbal communication through pre- and post-operative counseling and instruction in the use of an electrolarynx, fitting and use of tracheoesophageal voice prostheses and/or teaching esophageal speech.


Augmentative Communication

For those individuals who are unable to use spoken language due to congenital disorders, brain injury, degenerative neurological disorders, or stroke, augmentative and alternative communication systems provide a means of communication with family, caregivers, and friends. SLRS, Ltd. provides comprehensive evaluations and therapy for children or adults who are unable to speak.